My next novel, POOLBOY, is a YA Contemporary romance  that combines elements of Weetzie bat and Eleanor and Park.

Life is a constant party in the run down art moderne mansion 16-year-old Clementine Black shares with her musician mother.  But when Clementine’s mom goes missing at a noise fest in Miami, the party ends, and the only person who seems to cares is a kid from her new school, dreamy, anxious Daniel Montana Monahan.  As the two of them track down her mother, Clementine begins to realize that her perfect life was not so perfect after all.  It’s probably not the best time to start a band, or to fall in love, but what time ever is?


The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

When Lily Michaels-Ryan ditches her ADHD meds and lands in detention with Abelard, who has high functioning autism, she’s intrigued—Abelard seems thirty seconds behind, while she feels thirty seconds ahead. It doesn't hurt that he’s brilliant and beautiful. 

When Abelard posts a quote from The Letters of Abelard and Heloise online, their mutual affinity for ancient love letters connects them. The two fall for each other. Hard. But is it enough to bridge their differences in person?